June 11, 2024

How to Replace Your Roof and Siding?

With all parts of your house being replaced at once, it can mean you do not have to worry about having two separate cases when your house is exposed to the elements. Your new roof will look good in your house, but old shingles can ruin the curb appeal of your house.

A new roof and siding are a great way to give your whole house a fresh look and make it look more presentable. However, if your house already has a few shingles on it, you should be careful not to change your whole house right away. You may find that all the new siding will peel off and need replacement in the future.

So if you want to change the entire house at once without having to replace all the siding, you can try putting the old siding over your new roof. Although the new siding may look better than the old siding, it is important to not overdo the change because it may damage the curb appeal of the old siding.

It is also important to not remove any existing trim or moldings from the house as you go through the entire process. In fact, you should leave these parts in place for as long as possible, unless you are replacing a section of the roof on the exterior. This will ensure that the new siding and roof will fit perfectly together.

When you are done with the whole thing, you should clean the gutters with the use of a hose. Cleaning the gutters after you have done with the rest of the work may help prevent staining. Also, make sure that you leave a gap of some two inches between the roof tiles so that the water cannot get through. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the roofing material.

In the meantime, make sure that you do not let any rain water fall inside the house. It is advisable to take a step in advance and seal off the roof and gutters so that rainwater cannot leak down to the inside of the house. If the water cannot drain down inside, you should put a plastic sheet over the top of the house to keep rainwater from seeping in. As soon as it rains, you should open the roof and gutters so that water can flow down into a catch basin.

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