June 11, 2024

The Effects of the National Education Policy 2020

The impact of the National Education Policy 2020 is already visible to all. But more than likely, the impact will be much deeper than we know.

What is the impact of a single government policy on the education sector? How will it affect the faculty, students and employers? How will it affect the entire country? The impact of the policies and schemes implemented by the Federal government of the United States of America can be clearly observed in the form of a change in the educational policy and objectives adopted by the federal government for improving the quality of education in the country.

The new education policy announced by the Obama administration is clearly visible in the form of an emphasis on the need for increasing the number of quality teachers. The focus is not only on the number of teachers, but also on the quality of teaching staff and what quality they should have. The number of teachers has been decreased. And the quality of the teaching staff also has been diminished. This has had an impact on the teaching profession, and it is evident in the growing number of teachers who are unable to get a job in this field.

The second impact of the policy on the quality education is on the students. A large number of students are now unable to get admission into schools. These students were earlier able to find a place in any government school. Now, their only choice is to join private institutions. This is not just happening in big cities. Even in smaller townships and villages, students are facing difficulties in finding a school to join.

Another major effect of the new policies of the government is the change in the mode of education. The students now face a huge difficulty in studying because of the increased workload, which includes more exams and assignments. The entire teaching system of the country is now moving towards an online mode of teaching.

The effect of the new federal education policies on the education sector of the United States of America has been visible in the form of higher expenses of the education sector. and lower quality of education. The policy of the federal government on the education sector of the country is now moving in the direction of furthering the interests of the teachers and students.

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