June 12, 2024

Five Popular Hospitality Exchange Services For Travelers

Travel is basically the movement of individuals between different geographical areas. Travel can be done by car, bike, foot, plane, train, bus, boat, horseback, plane or any other means and is one way of transportation or travel. There are different types of travel depending on where you are going to travel to, like for example: between major cities or in rural area, between Europe and Asia, or between the United States and Canada. The types of travel depend on factors like climate, the type of land, traffic and so on.

Airline: Airline travel is very common and there are different airlines servicing different parts of the world. British Airways, British Eurostar, Swiss International Airlines, Air Canada, Air New Zealand and Australian Air Lines are some of the famous airlines servicing the country. These airlines provide air tickets for different destinations. The cost of air ticket depends on the routes taken, air time available and the season. You can get cheap air tickets through a home exchange or through a travel agent. Home exchange is when you exchange currency of your home country for that of another country and vice versa.

Travel Agents: Travel agents have an edge over other forms of travel because they specialize in certain kinds of travel. With specialization comes a better knowledge about the destination, the necessary hotels or resorts, restaurants, sightseeing spots, etc. A good travel agent will know whether the hotel run by him or her has any form of fraud and how to avoid any such issues at no extra cost. Some travel agents also offer insurance cover and travel protection which travel insurers may not be able to offer.

Hospitality Exchange Services: This is a form of exchange where travelers exchange their currencies for hot meals, cold drinks or air fare ticket using hospitality exchange services. Some other travelers may need such services, while some may be free with warm showers. For this reason, hospitality exchange services can really be helpful to tourists who have not much money. Some hotels offer such services, but they are only for those travelers staying for just few nights.

9flats: With a name like “9flats”, they may sound like they are not good for traveling purposes. But actually, these luxurious hotels are so good for travelers because they offer free transportation to and from the airport, free hot or cold food, free AC and free hot or cold showers. The facilities that hotels provide are actually luxuries given by owners to their customers. For instance, if you stay in a hotel owned by someone else, you may not even enjoy any of these facilities. Hotels, on the other hand, provide these amenities to their guests so as to make them feel special and thus make them want to come back again.

Air Airbnb: Airsharing is another hospitality exchange services program run by homeowners. Unlike other hotels, which may not allow guests to sleep in the beds if they are sleeping on the street, Airbnb offers warm showers, free internet access and free parking for your vehicles. They also provide free parking for your car if you rent one there. When a guest stays at an Airbnb, they can basically experience the whole city, as long as they are staying on the property.

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