June 11, 2024

New Jerseys For IPL 2020

Each edition of IPL brings new teams to the forefront and each team in turn releases new IPL 2020 team shirts with a new sponsor. This season, IPL has introduced a new sponsorship tie up with the Kolkata Knight Riders that will see the IPL team wear a new jersey, which will feature their new sponsor. Be it the Chennai Superstars, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Raiders, Royal Challengers Bangalore or Delhi Capital Sports Club, every team in the IPL has spotted new jersey with a new sponsor. However, it is not only new IPL jersey that fans are awaiting from the next season.

The jerseys that the IPL teams have released in the past are a treat to sports fans across the world and are even better than those used by international teams. It is evident from the fact that during the World Cup in Brazil this summer, there is a huge demand for IPL jerseys on the internet and offline. The jerseys worn by these top level international teams are the envy of many.

These jerseys are available at a very reasonable price and all the players in the IPL have their own jersey that will be released shortly. These jerseys have been designed by the same designers that make cricket equipment such as cricket balls and caps. Some of the biggest names in the cricket clothing market have manufactured these jerseys:

For example, the Kolkata Knights Riders jersey has been designed by the prestigious Cricket Products Ltd. and is designed with the logo of the company printed on the front panel and a number printed on the back panel. This is followed by a simple textured design. It is interesting to note that a number of IPL teams including Chennai Superstars and Delhi Capital Sports Club have chosen to wear the same jersey.

Similarly, the Hyderabad Capitals, Chennai Superstars and Royal Challengers Bangalore have all adopted the Adidas brand logo for their jersey designs. The Sunrisers, the IPL’s top division has decided to go in for a jersey with a lot of embroidery on the front and a logo printed on the back of the shirt while the Kolkata Knights Riders team have opted for a jersey with minimal embroidery.

As per some reports, the Mumbai Indians team has already taken the step of choosing an Adidas brand for their jersey. These jerseys are available at a premium price, but they look great and it has not been seen that these jerseys would be priced much lower. than those of other teams wearing the Adidas products. It is also worth noting that many of these jerseys have been printed in a traditional way so that fans can understand the history of the IPL brand.

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